PoetryFilm Party in the Curzon Soho Bar

Free screening of a selection of PoetryFilms on the theme of Dream, and also live performances, including Project Adorno and Play 2.

Crow's head image from Unknown Woman
Kayla’s film Unknown Woman is in the programme.

Curzon Soho, London
Wednesday 22 April

Films start at 7.30pm. Arrive early to secure good seats. Hosted by Malgorzata Kitowski.

Curzon Cinemas

Dream Poem, Dann Casswell
Watch carefully: words morph on screen resulting in increasingly absurd meaning.
A Moment's Reverie, Tess Martin, HD stills
A back-lit paper cut-out stop-frame animation in the ephemeral world of thoughts and dreams. A Moment's Reverie is inspired by travel, paper and time.
The Disappearer, Leon Bell, 35mm
A dark fairytale centring on a magical mischievous creature. After being accused of a crime he didn't commit and attacked by suspicious townfolk, The Disappearer disappears, appears, and disappears one final time.
Pick Me, Emma Caddow, DV
A hat of cards and a blue watch bearing no time are the punctums in this lucid dream. A girl is stuck between two worlds, never daring to pierce an egress. The film was made by taking an initial idea and not analysing it. The storyboard is adapted to construct a narrative.
To A Notebook, Esther Johnson, Super8 B/W
Inspired by Roy Fuller's poem of the same name, the film layers stark black and white stop-motion imagery with a textured soundtrack evoking an interior mindscape.
You Be Mother, Sarah Pucill, 16mm
A hallucinatory space is set up when a frozen image of the artist's face is projected onto weighty pieces of crockery atop a table. Ears, eyes, nose, and mouth all become spatially dislocated as a determined hand begins to reposition, decant and mix. Events unfold to the amplified sounds of grinding, pouring, stirring.
Unknown Woman, Kayla Parker, 16mm
The film is inspired by a dream of a woman and a crow in which the two beings share one sentience. Further dreams led the artist to the locations featuring in the film: the secret bluebell wood in east Devon, Haytor on Dartmoor, and the sea in Plymouth. The "director" of the film is the artist's subconscious.
La Grasse Matinee, Alasdair Ogilvie, DV
Using Lawrence Ferlinghetti's translation of the Jacques Prevert poem, the film examines hunger and desire through the dreams of a hungry man.
Live readings include:
-       A performance of a new radio play by Robert Yates, entitled Play 2.
-       Project Adorno = (Russell Thompson and Praveen Manghani) = (music+poetry+art+multimedia+ pop)/cabaret