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I walked with a zombie: what the living dead can teach us about performance

Sundog Media's Kayla Parker is giving a collaborative lecture with Lee Miller, Roberta Mock, and Phil Smith as part of Plymouth University's 2013 Festival of Research.

The lecture will explore and celebrate zombies as a cultural phenomenon through contemporary understandings of performance. It will also suggest ways that zombies might act as models to help us to understand theories of performance that centre on participation, presence, space, representation, mediation and embodiment. Kayla's contribution focuses on film-maker Maya Deren's ethnographic research into Haitian voodoo ceremonies and rituals, and the phenomenon of trance state, and her own experience of voodoo trance, of becoming zombie.

Plymouth University’s Zombies: Walking, Eating & Performance symposium.

Tuesday 19 March 2013
7.00pm to 8.30pm
Theatre 2, Roland Levinsky Building, Plymouth University, UK

The poster illustration above is by Laura Wady

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