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small world

still from small world

We were commissioned to produce a high definition short film for inclusion in the 'Definitive Stories' programme for screening in the National Review of Live Art (NRLA) at the Tramway Gallery in Glasgow.


HD forensics: play with fugitive objects found by the roadside, lost things rediscovered.

Choreography of a tiny white party dress/scratched marbles (assorted colours)/one glass lens from a pair of spectacles/a golden heart charm with an imitation diamond in the centre/green plastic flower decoration/a bracelet of tiny red glass beads/silver crescent moon (scuffed and pitted with rust)/a sliver of cracked wing-mirror...

We set up the high definition camera and looked at found objects we'd picked up from the pavement or gutter whilst walking around the outer reaches of the city.

On screen the HD image became a miniature landscape of nauseous clarity.

We stepped into the picture in search of the poetic. Light shone through a 35mm negative found by the Laira estuary over Christmas, we saw someone's pet rat in reverse watercolours textured across the surface of tiny things.

We weren't in close enough, so we held a glass disc in front of the camera lens, looking to capture the unknown exterior, caught fleetingly as light spilled across the ceiling of a curtained room on a summer's day. We remembered lying in bed at night as cars spun their headlights overhead, then vanished.