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16mm filmstrip


16 July - 19 August 2005
Exhibition at the Salt Gallery, Hayle, Cornwall

A new Super 16mm dual-screen film made by Stuart Moore and Kayla Parker, shown for the first time at this exhibition in the Salt Gallery, Hayle. The first of a series of site-specific artworks which explore how the physical presence and behaviour, the occupation of 3D space and the mass, of sculptural forms - both naturally-occurring and manufactured - can be described in light and movement.

verge 01 and verge 02 describe the geometry and exquisite flux of organic forms: the fallen bodies of bees and flies picked from the dirt and the vegetation growing up in the stony rubbish along a roadside verge which snakes around the perimeter of an industrial area along the Plym estuary.

verge 01: sculptural geometry
first screen - positive film

Super 16mm frame Super 16mm frame Super 16mm frame Super 16mm frame

Pulse of insect wings, plant stems, leaves, flowers, pollen, seeds. Fern leaflets, valerian flowers, buddleia florets: each leaves its own individual trace on the film surface.

The sound composition is derived from the noise of the wind blowing across the sign at the entrance to the empty retail park sited in a disused quarry passed on the route.

verge 02: flux
second screen - negative film

Super 16mm frame Super 16mm frame Super 16mm frame Super 16mm frame

Plant forms seared into the film emulsion, x-rays looking deep into the heart of things, a deep ultraviolet shimmering resonance. Film loops of variable length form a counterpoint to the vibrant motility of verge 01.

verge dvd + giclée prints

If you would like to own a copy of the limited edition DVD of both films, or are interested in owning limited edition fine art giclée prints of individual Super 16mm verge film frames please get in touch.

All sounds and images are copyright © Stuart Moore + Kayla Parker 2005

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