Some publications we've contributed to:

Into Animation cover

Into Animation
a video compilation and teaching guide
Louise Spraggon
ISBN 1-903786-10-X

Sunset Strip is one of 13 animated films selected by the British Film Institute for inclusion in this video compilation and teaching guide. For details of how to obtain the pack visit

Proof magazine


Editor: Bel Mooney

Published by Portfolio 5 - ISSN 1470-5508
Kayla interviews animator Alison de Vere and BBC's Colin Rose. 1st issue of Sundog Media's "Direct-it-Yourself" series

Art and Animation page

art and animation

Authors: Gareth Evans, David Curtis

Booklet published by Channel 4 1999 - ISBN 1 85144 244 8

Cage of Flame artwork

Animation World Magazine - Issue 3.7 - October 1998

Author of Feature: Marie Beardmore

Eating and Animating: Balancing the Basics for UK Independents

Cover of boiling issue one

boiling - issue one

Editor : Vicky Smith

The first magazine dedicated to the discussion of experimental animation. Cover images taken from our film Sunset Strip.

Cover of the Encyclopedia of Animation Techniques

The Encyclopedia of Animation Techniques

Author: Richard Taylor. Focal Press 1996 - ISBN 0-240-51488-2

We highly recommend this book as a comprehensive guide to the art of animation including traditional cel animation, computer generated work and drawing on film.

Directory of British Film & Video Artists cover

A Directory of British Film & Video Artists

Edited by David Curtis. Arts Council of England 1996 - ISBN 1-86020-003-6


A review of the work of over one hundred British artists working with film, video and new moving-image media. Cover photograph by Stuart Moore of Sundog Media.

Women & Animation a compendium

Edited by Jayne Pilling. British Film Institute 1992 - ISBN 0 85170 377 1


A documentation of women in animation whose work uses the medium as an art form.


Edited by Ilona Halberstadt. PIX 1993 - ISSN 0967 - 8727


An eclectic look at creative film-making.