31 Days in Berlin

sputnik kino berlin

31 Days screened in British Shorts Lichtspielklub Short Film Festival, ‘Selected Films’ exhibition programme; Sputnik Kinobar, Berlin (12 to 18 January 2017)

Their notes:

12th–18th January, Sputnik Kinobar
"British Shorts" Exhibition Project
The British Shorts exhibition features photographs and experimental films. This year, British Shorts brings the 1979 exhibition of Peter Mitchell’s “A New Refutation of the Viking 4 Space Mission” to Berlin! It was the first colour show, at a British photographic gallery, by a British photographer. “This show was so far ahead of its time, that no-one knew exactly what to say or how to react, apart from with total bewilderment.” Martin Parr (Magnum)

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Exhibition films (looped):
Vandals by Adam Wells
Nonstops by Alban Low
Baba 1989 by Nariman Massoumi
Illusions by Dominica Harrison
31 Days by Stuart Moore
Known Unto God by Suzie Hanna
An Animation About A Rabbit by Chis MacFarlane