Punto y Raya


Purling will screen in COMPETITION REEL # 6 at this year’s Punto y Raya Festival in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal.

Cadence screening in Greece

35mm film still

Cadence has been selected by Video Art Miden to screen in Programme “Plan(et) Β” at Re:Think GAIA Festival 2023, that will take place on 24-25 of June at FarmaFifaPermaculture, Iroon Politechniou, Kalamata, Greece.

You may download the list of participating artists/works in pdf here.

Is there a plan B when it comes to saving planet Earth? Is there a way to preserve our world as we know it? Or is it true that “those who want the world to remain as it is, do not want it to remain”* at all?
[*phrase by Erich Fried (1921-88), Austrian writer]

Thank you curators Gioula & Olga Papadopoulou for selecting our film. read more...

Cadence - competing in Czechia

35mm film still
Cadence has been selected for Anifilm in Liberec, Czech Republic - here - in the International Competition of Abstract and Non-Narrative Animation. The festival runs from 2 - 7 May 2023.

Cadence - exploding in Jersey

a frame of 35mm celluloid showing flower petals

We’re delighted that Cadence has been show by Exploding Cinema at ArtHouse Jersey at Capital House, Jersey in the Channel Islands. There were two nights of underground short films featuring “live music and mind-bending visuals”.

Flow in Bohemia


Flow was selected for exhibition in Bohemia - more soon…

Reach in Bohemia

16mm film frame

ANIFILM 2021 Planet A, a special programme focusing on environment and nature.


Visions in the Nunnery


Visions in the Nunnery 2020 Programme 3 curated by Benedict Drew @bowarts is back on now lockdown2 is over - open from 15 December 2020 to 17 January 2021 #VisionsInTheNunnery Stuart's #16mm film Zinn is screening.

Father-land in Competition

Father-land airport-470

Father-land is in competition at 15th International Film Festival Cyprus.


Strangelove Experimental Film


Kayla Parker's On Location is screening at Strangelove Festival in Programme 11: Experimental Film curated by Chris Meigh-Andrews.

Light Field 2020

film still - golden rippled water

Lovely review by Michael Fox on KQED:
“One waxes rhapsodically about the unique and ephemeral qualities of celluloid at the risk of sounding like a Luddite, a Flintstone or an academic. Either you get the gritty, grainy realness of film or you don’t—until, that is, you see that British filmmaker Stuart Moore’s exquisite shots of undulating riverbeds in Zinn have a texture and depth that transcends simply capturing a moment. It’s the difference between, say, an etching and a snapshot.”

On Location at LSFF


On Location will be screened in London Short Film Festival’s Leftfield and Luscious programme at the ICA. read more...