Reach in Bohemia

16mm film frame

ANIFILM 2021 Planet A, a special programme focusing on environment and nature. Other short animated films included in the programme: Living on the Comet, Kathy Smith; The Secrets Held in the Ice, Loic Fontimpe; Cow, Alexander Petrov; Ayers Rock Animation, Kathy Smith; A Year Along the Abandoned Road, Morten Smallerud; The natural order of things, Mathilde Poigniez; The Man Who Planted Trees, Frédéric Back. “Although (or perhaps because) planet Earth is plagued by many problems caused by us humans, it remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration, enthusiasm and awe not only for scientists of various specialisations, but for other people all around the world. And it’s this awe, or love if you will, that connects the films of this block.
Reach, using sounds heard in nature, is a pure audio-visual impression” (programme notes). Screenings: North Bohemian Museum, 22 June; Grand Hotel, Zlatý Lev, 26 June 2021. Liberec, Czech Republic.