On Location in Arts Centre cinema

frame grab from film show trees reflected in puddle

Artist’s film capturing a year in the life of a Devon hollow way exhibited at Plymouth Arts Centre till 19 January 2017

A new digital film directed by Sundog Media’s Kayla Parker, a practice-researcher at Plymouth University, is currently being screened at Plymouth Arts Centre as part of its exhibition programme of artists’ film. The exhibition 
On Location: Kayla Parker presents the twelve minute film on continuous play in the cinema, enabling audiences to experience the seasonal changes and meteorological phenomena over a twelve month period, captured through successive field trips to a sunken lane in a remote area of rural Devon. 

The film, entitled 
On Location, further develops Kayla’s previous durational moving image practice-research, such as the year of sunsets depicted in her 35mm direct animation film Sunset Strip, which was recently shown at Close-Up Cinema, London, and at Aurora Picture Show, Houston.

On Location is a hybrid form of landscape cinema and self-portraiture through place, filmed using a range of experimental digital video techniques and accompanied by field recordings made at the site that capture the sonic architecture of the space. It is the initial phase of a research project that responds to Annabel Nicolson’s artist’s book, Escaping Notice (1977), and is a practice-based investigation of the ways in which an artist uses herself experimentally as instrument to create a self-anthology in relation to the land. Nicolson was an important member of the 1970s British film avant-garde, and the unnamed hollow way connects to a track that leads to the remote farmhouse featured in her book.

The exhibition was selected as an Event Highlight by a-n, The Artists’ Information Company: the film can currently be seen at Plymouth Arts Centre until Thursday 19 January 2017.

On Location is a Sundog Media production.


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