CineCity screening notes

Cine-City the Brighton Film Festival
Hand Eye Visions: the Films of Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore
Saturday 27 November 2010 7.00pm
Lighthouse, 28 Kensington St, Brighton BN1 4AJ

Running order

Part One: 16mm comopt prints
Looks Familiar 1989 / 3min 15sec
Made from a live projection at a music and film event at Spacex Galley in Exeter: stray cats, pumpkins, spooks and 6 frames of a dead badger. Improvised music by British Summer Weather Time.

Nuclear Family 1990 / 4min 15sec
My mother tells the story of my three imaginary friends who ‘came down from the stars’: Toni, Betti and… Colin.

Unknown Woman 1991 / 8min 45sec
The film originated from a dream about a woman and a crow, in which the two beings shared one sentience.

“The man looks the world full in the face, as if it were made for his uses and fashioned to his liking. The woman takes a sidelong glance at it, full of subtlety, even of suspicion.”
‘Orlando’ Virginia Woolf Selected works of Virginia Woolf p. 490

Night Sounding 1993 / 1min 15sec
An aural and visual sounding from the shoreline of an industrial, fishing and military port. The film describes the experience of living where land, sea and air meet, of being on the edge of the world.

Living close to the harbour, my consciousness has been infiltrated by the to and fro of tides, the movements of trawlers and warships. I am aware of the conflicts which exist between people and the sea itself. The coast around here is treacherous, the sea floor littered with the bones of ships. Night Sounding evokes a sense of place and the resonance of association with the lights and sirens which warn of danger, and the wreckers and sirens who entice ships to their doom.

Cage of Flame 1992 / 9min 40sec
The imagery and course of the film was directed by the dreams I had around the time of menstruation: each month I 'confined' myself, to exclude external distractions, and focussed on creating images, filming and making artwork according to an 'inner' vision. Visuals are ink drawings/paintings, performance/pixillation sequences filmed at different locations (in the wood, amongst overgrown creepers) and in the studio (with lights and smoke machine), stop motion of berries, pumpkin and fire (on the body, reflected in water, and at night), cut-outs in the studio and on location, and painting, engraving and over-printing the film after processing. The sound design developed with the visual elements, to create an internal audioscape of the body.

Part Two: digital copies of 16mm and 35mm films - playback from MBP/DVD
Puirt-a-beul 1992 / 2min
Mary Ann Kennedy and her two daughters sing Gaelic mouth music in their Glasgow flat. Commission for Scottish TV documentary.

Canntaireachd 1992 / 1min
Mary Morrison from the Isle of Barra singing her own distinctive style of Gaelic mouth music. Commission for Scottish TV documentary.

Sunset Strip 1996 / 4min 15sec
Day-by-day animated diary of a year's sunsets, recorded directly onto a continuous strip of 35mm film using a variety of materials such as magnolia petals, net stocking, lacquer and ink, to create a dazzling expression of the visual music revealed by 365 setting suns.

09. Physic 2001 / 1min (loop)
Digital embroidery, stitched pixels of a late summer walk through the monks’ physic garden at Buckfast Abbey, Devon. Using 27 frames of found footage of a honeybee visiting a bed of lavender. Commission for the Aune Head Arts’ Dartmoor Lives and Landscapes project.

A Short Walk 2004 / 1min
A woman’s psychological journey through an interior landscape. Made following the invitation from Karen Mirza and Brad Butler to create a one minute film for the launch of

Verge 2005 / 4min (loop)
A two screen installation about sense of place that depicts the geometry and exquisite flux of organic forms through the interplay between 16mm film loops of different length. Found objects collected on a circular walk are printed directly onto 16mm filmstrips: the fallen bodies of bees and flies picked from the dirt, and the vegetation growing up in the stony rubbish along a roadside verge which snakes around the perimeter of an industrial area along the Plym estuary.

Poppies 2006 / 1min (loop) (silent)
Petals of wild flowers gathered from the roadside verge during a walk along the south west coastal path through the industrial Cattedown area of Plymouth. Once home the petals were pressed onto a clear strip of 16mm film. The filmstrip retraces the steps of a short walk when I left the path, drawn towards the intense saturated crimson of the poppy flowers colonizing the waste ground that had been scraped bare earlier in the year.
Hold 2008 / 1min (loop) (silent)
Dressmaker’s pins, buttons, small metal screws, plastic and silver rings: a collection of ‘found objects’, once used to bind things, and people, together: they have been lost or discarded, then rediscovered; their silhouettes burned into the emulsion of 16mm black and white negative film using household bleach: leaving a trace of their presence falling through time and space. Shown as large-scale projection onto the exterior wall of the Davy Building at University of Plymouth for the British Animation Awards.

Heirloom 2008 / 1min (loop)
My hair, collected after brushing and printed onto discarded 16mm colour negative film, using household bleach to reveal the yellow and green emulsion layers beneath the unexposed darkness. An heirloom is something that has special meaning and has been passed down through the generations of a family; in the title, ‘heir’ is a homophone of ‘hair’, ‘loom’ is a device for weaving together disparate strands that meet at 90 degrees, but also carries the resonance of appearing threatening, magnified, or hugely distorted.

Measure 2010 / 1min (loop)
A view through the window in Studio One at Plymouth Arts Centre: I drew what I could see during an artist’s residency there, using the glass pane as a ‘lightbox’, I engraved the images onto black film leader using a surgical scalpel.

16. Brighton Road Movie 2010 / 3min
Footage shot on a clockwork Bolex camera during a trip to Brighton in 1990 to see Bow Gamelan at the Zap Club. It’s been sitting around in a can for years, and was rediscovered a couple of months ago.

Bridgwater Butlins 2007 / 1min 53sec
Animation Art workshop for Foundation students at Bridgwater College in Somerset: this is the film they made using found footage from a 1980s promotional film for Butlin’s Holiday Camps.

Running time: 60 minutes approx

Thanks to: Ian Helliwell, and Jamie, Phil and Alice at Lighthouse