Flow in Florida

sow thistle petals on clear 35mm film
35mm frame from Flow, the film poem created with a constellation of common wildflowers, showing in the Undercurrents exhibition at the Crisp-Ellert Art Museum, Florida, from 20 May to 17 June 🌿

Big thanks to the Curatorial Studies students at Flagler College and Kenan Distinguished Professor, Dr Chris Balaschak, and to @crispellertart for organising such a brilliant exhibition that brings together the work of ten international artists that explore the human condition in the midst of climate change.💚The featured artworks shift from photographs of disrupted, flooded landscapes to films exploring our emotional, physical, and political ties to the natural world. Artists Jennifer Boles, Georgie Brinkman, Christiana Caro, Laura Gines, Karissa Hahn, Amanda Hodes, Kayla Parker & Stuart Moore, Leah Sandler, and Krista Leigh Steinke, create work that is cognizant of both the personal and public, historically aware as much as forward-thinking, all together urging us to understand our sense of community as inclusive the natural world.

Image: Annual sow thistle flowers, Sonchus oleraceus #film #35mm #flowers #wildflowers #plymouth #estuary #flood #climatechange #filmmaking #animation #directanimation #madeinplymouth