LUX Cornwall screening

Porthmeor Studios

Reach screened in The Animated Ground Meets the Film Strip selected by Vicky Smith on Wednesday 23 March, 7:00pm in Studio 5, Porthmeor Studios, St Ives as part of the LUX Cornwall residency.

“A screening of films selected by filmmaker Vicky Smith that considers film as quantities of frames and lengths that can be impressed with passages of light, traces and textures using methods of framing, rubbing and layering. The films presented in this programme might be seen as raw records of a direct physical encounter with film, resulting in the direct inscription of a particular time and place onto celluloid. Many of the works involve a mutual collaboration with the landscape and are shaped as much by the maker as by organic interactions between the filmstrip and elemental processes of nature.”

The programme includes:
• David Gatten, What the Water Said, Nos. 1-3, 1997–98, 16mm
• Alia Syed, Priya, 2012, 16mm
• Stan Brakhage, Mothlight, 1963, 16mm
• Vicky Smith, Bicycle Tyre Track, 2012, 16mm
• Kayla Parker & Stuart Moore, Reach, 2014, 16mm transferred to digital HD
• Laura Phillips, A Tale of Toxicology, 2015, HD video