Sea Front wins Trick of the Light Award

On Wednesday 13 January Sea Front was screened in the London Short Film Festival where it won the Trick of the Light Award for “the most gorgeous looking film.”

Here is a statement from the judge Alison Poltock - artistic director of the East End Film Festival:
"We love this - it looks so retro. And even though we don't know where it's set it reminded us of dodgy school trips to Southend in the 80s.... very tenuous link to East End.... And even though it doesn't have a narrative it's completely engaging - you're in that place, and it gives you the same feeling that you have in that environment - voyeurism, lazy sunshine and
very simple pleasure..."

The LSFF described the Trick of the Light Programme:
Short films are shown with gorgeous and sumptuous imagery in this stunning collection of rich cinematography and beautiful animation. The programme takes in drama, documentary and experimental animation, to give a varied outlook of life from surreal dream-like landscapes to a more realistic viewpoint, but with equally stunning results