Hands on at COLLECT 2011

still image from Sunset Strip
The Saatchi Gallery
Duke of York's HQ, King's Road, London, SW3 4SQ

Sunset Strip will screen in Hands on at COLLECT 2011

From Animate Projects

A programme of animated films that explores the relationship between the act of making and the act of making things move.

Animation is often referred to as being a combination of art forms - drawing, painting, film, literature, sculpture, and music. Programmed by Animate Projects, this selection of experimental films sets out to show the distinct and fundamental role that ‘making’ has for much animation practice. It includes films that employ ‘craft’ techniques, using a range of physical materials in their construction. Others provoke us to reconsider how we think about ‘objects’ - physical and digital - or explore the ways in which animation itself is made and constructed.

The screening is part of COLLECT 2011 the annual fair for contemporary craft.

The Black Dog’s Progress (Stephen Irwin, 2008, 3’14”)
Don't Let It All Unravel (Sarah Cox, 2007, 1’43”)
Furniture Poetry (Paul Bush, 1999, 5’15”)
The Eagleman Stag (Mikey Please, 2010, 9’)
Yours Truly (Osbert Parker, 2006, 8’)
Damaged Goods (Barnaby Barford, 2008, 9’24”)
Hooked (Vera Neubauer, 2002, 9’30”)
Love is All (Oliver Harrison, 1999, 3’15”)
Sunset Strip (Kayla Parker, 1996, 3’30”)
Engine Angelic (Katerina Athanasopoulou, 2010, 2’45”)

Total running time around 56’