Teign Spirit screens in Edinburgh

at the fair, Edinburgh

A collection of artist silent film shorts alongside rarely seen archive footage, curated by Emma Macleod + Rosy Naylor.


‘Fun City’ (1966) STV 09:20
‘Play Ball’ Craig Murray 03:31
‘Unfairground 2’ Chris Dooks 04:36
‘Initial Prospect - Dungeness’ Ben Barton 04:03
‘The Wheels on the Bus’ Bill Millett 04:06
‘Letta’s High Class Entertainers’ (1923) 03:00
‘/string’ PNEUMA (2018) 04:40
‘Accretion’ Chris Dooks 02:21
‘False Pleasure’ Ad Howells (2018) 12:00
‘Flyers’ Lynn Dennison 01:47
‘Teign Spirit’ Kayla Parker & Stuart Moore 02:50 (2009)

Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore 2009

Silent memories, coloured by the present. The Jones family holidayed in the seaside resort of Teignmouth from 1934 to 1939, their summer activities captured forever on 8mm black and white film. A lifetime later, the town is still here: ships in the docks, bathers on the beach, people promenade...
Commissioned by Animate Projects for CABE’s Sea Change initiative
Production: Sundog Media