Treasuredome testing

Thanks to ICCI super-tech Jude Butcher who can be seen in the video driving the technology in the 9m test dome on Thursday 12 July at a secret location in Plymouth's glamourous Cattedown area.


The video is a short documentation of some tests from our programme for the ICCI 360 degree cinema in Weymouth on 10 & 11 August 2012. Welcome to the Treasuredome - details here:

Work seen on screen in order:
Udo Heudelmaier - Change
Jack Hague - Maelstrom
Derek Hart - Low-lying Cloud
Kimberley Cupples - Porcelina
Sarah Bowman - Colours
Rishi Pruthi - Eternity
Scanner - projections for the performance Borders, Unto the Edges
Chris Meigh-Andrews - Monument 360.

This is a tiny fraction of the two day Welcome to the Treasuredome programme.