Verge 360

We were invited to contribute work to a panoramic video event at the University of Plymouth (15 - 19 February 2010). We chose to produce a digital re-master of dual-screen Super16 film Verge: Sculptural Geometry and Verge: Flux, stepped through 5 successive clock-wise projections with ambisonic(ish) audio.

The video below is documentation of the screening of our animation Verge in 360 degree presentation by ICCI (Innovation for the Creative and Cultural Industries) and Igloo Vision at the University of Plymouth.
At two minutes in you can see the panoramic video output of the event from a Point Grey Ladybug2 camera displayed on the recording laptop screen.
Event filmed by Stuart Moore with a JVC GY-HM100 on 18-02-10

Verge 360 from Sundog Media on Vimeo.